ANSI, solid Kynar or Teflon non-metallic centrifugal pumps

50 Hz Pump Performance Curves

Design Benefits

The best solution for difficult process fluids

  • Solid Kynar* pump head for chemical compatibility and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Concentric casing design for better ow patterns than other centrifugal pumps–less turbulence, longer seal life, reduced shaft deflection
  • Handles high temperatures up to 250 ̊F
  • Compact design features including heavy-duty drive shaft, adjustable bearing supports, and large-capacity oil bath to ensure low maintenance and durable performance for the toughest fluid applications
  • Back pull-out design for easy servicing
  • Handles solid sizes up to 9/16” maximum

Stan-Cor Pumps Resources

50 Hz Pumps - Datasheets
50 Hz Specifications
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50 Hz Pumps - Specifications
50 Hz Specifications

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60 / 50 Hz Technical Data
Stan-Cor ANSI Centrifugal Pump Technical Data
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Stan-Cor Series pumps are specifically designed to handle abrasive, corrosive, dirty and reclaim process fluids like no other pump.

Designed by the process industry for the process industry

When we say “Simply Built to Last”, we mean it!