Stan-Cor® Pump Application Versatility

The best solution for difficult process fluids

Stan-Cor Series pumps are specifically designed to handle abrasive, corrosive, dirty and reclaim process fluids like no other pump can:

Stan-Cor Primary Pumping Applications


  • Acid recovery
  • Bleaching
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbon
  • Grit removal
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Hydro uoric w/lime
  • Lime slurries


  • Paints
  • Pickling solutions
  • Plating solutions
  • Semi-conductor waste water
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Spent caustics
  • Sulfuric acid

Stan-Cor Series Centrifugal Pumps are specifically designed to handle abrasive, corrosive, dirty and reclaim process fluids like no other ANSI Centrifugal Pump can:

Stan-Cor Patented Concentric Casing Advantages
Unlike volute-type centrifugal pumps, the Stan-Cor pump uses a unique concentric design that provides a constant, equal distance between the pump casing and the impeller at all times during pump operation. This greatly reduces turbulence and vibration, thereby extending the life of the mechanical seal and bearings.

In a conventional volute casing pump, water turbulence and eddies are created as the impeller passes the restrictive cut water area in the casing. These hydraulic imbalances in turn cause the drive shaft to detect, which increases the loading on the bearings, and leads to premature mechanical seal failure. At near shut-off, the bearing loading is extremely high.
  • Textile - Bleaching of fabrics and silks
  • Food - Sugar refining, bleaching, disinfecting
  • Waster Water/Chemicals - Purifying water, deodorizing sewage, industrial effluents
  • Pulp & Paper - Bleaching pulp, fireproofing and wood preserving
  • Agriculture - Fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticide manufacturing
  • Electronics - Chip and metal cleaning, acid waste transfer
  • Steel - Steel and Stainless steel picking, acid recovery, acid transfer
  • Oil & Gas - Well acidizing, petroleum purification
  • Chemical - Catalyst transfer, acid transfer and neutralizing
  • Metal Treating - Anodizing, electroplating, plating
Performance Capabilities of Centrifugal Pumps
  • Flows to 700 GPM
  • Discharge Heads to 350 feet
  • Temperatures to 250° F
  • Minimum Flow 2 GPM
  • Solids to 9/16"

Stan-Cor Pumps handle the "miserable" fluids that destroy other pumps.



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