Mass Customization Means Maximum Flexibility

Stan-Cor pump engineered and configured to your specifications


Every pump is built to order

Every order is a priority at Wanner Engineering. Every pump is built to order. Our “Mass Customization” philosophy leverages the modular design of Stan-Cor with sophisticated operational methods to:

  1. Provide you with the properly configured pump for your process application
  2. At a competitive price
  3. Delivered with minimal lead time

We can help you match your flow/pressure requirements to select the best model and materials of construction based on your process fluid and industry application. We maintain optimum inventory levels of parts and components that translate into cost efficiencies and faster turnaround time for customers.


Building Pumps for your specific needs

Stan-Cor simplicity, reliability and flexibility matches the ever-changing needs of modern industry.

Our customers are found in virtually every market sector of industry, but they all share the same concern; they all require pumps to keep their plants and equipment running... Reliably.

The Stan-Cor pump has a thirty year history of doing just that. But today’s solutions don’t necessarily meet tomorrow’s critical application requirements. That’s why Wanner provides an on-going program of cooperative product development with our customers ranging from simple product modifications to completely customized pumping systems.


Design Modifications

Many of our customers start with one of our standard pump designs, and then have us modify it to meet their specific needs, such as:

  • Pump component modification for enhanced performance
  • Custom pump head or body castings
  • Matching OEM paint specifications
  • Private labeling
  • Metric models available for OEM applications

Custom Designs

On volume orders, Wanner Engineering custom designs, engineers and manufactures pumps tailored to specialized customer requirements. Whether the need is for a particular fluid, a critical performance specification, extreme operating conditions, or ultimate reliability, Wanner Engineering has the pump engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet the most challenging design requirements


Expert staff and attentive customer service

An expert staff and attentive customer service practices enable us to achieve the goals of providing the Stan-Cor pump engineered and configured to your specifications.

  • A wide selection of metallic and non-metallic pump head materials plus diaphragm, valve and o-ring materials enable easy configuration to meet your specific needs from in-stock components.
  • Base plates, couplings and coupling guards are available in several inline and parallel mounting configurations to suit your facility and operating environment.
  • Custom pump head and body castings are available, as well as matching OEM paint and private labeling.
  • Comprehensive assortment of accessories include regulator valves, oil coolers and filtration, oil level monitoring, couplings, guards, connectors, and tool kits.
  • Options to enhance performance such as gear boxes, controllers, pulsation dampeners, and an assortment of drives.



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