Select a Stan-Cor pump model and size for your application

Total Dynamic Head to 350 Feet • Flow Rates to 700 gpm

Stan-Cor ANSI Centrifugal Pumps are the standard for corrosion resistance and abrasive fluids. They offer solid uid ends (casing, back cover and impeller) in two different materials for chemical resistance and temperature limits. Because these sections are solid in Stan-Cor pumps, there is no loss of corrosion resistance from abrasion, dents, gouges, cavitation, vacuum, turbulence and permeability. Corrosive materials do not come in contact with any metal parts of the pump.

Use the selection chart below to determine the appropriate Stan-Cor pump model and size for your application.

Please contact Wanner Engineering or your local Stan-Cor distributor for exact sizing of a Stan-Cor pump to your specific application requirements.

stancor pump selection

60 Hz Pump Selection Chart

50 Hz Pump Selection Chart



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